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Welcome back to our blog! Today, we wanted to discuss some of the common objections we get and what bad practices exist and how they lead to misconceptions about the recruitment industry as a whole. These perceptions end up scaring away companies looking for a quality employee or employees looking for a company that values them through recruitment agencies. Therefore, we wanted to address these perceptions head on.

As in every industry, there will be a fair share of professionals or organisations that end up giving that sector a not-so-good reputation. Although this may continue to take place, the key to combating it is through raising awareness and showing what those who care in the industry are doing to make sure both clients and candidates have a positive experience. 

So, what are some negative perceptions people have of recruitment agencies?

“Too Costly” or “Overpriced”

This is the perception that most recruiting organisations are focused on a “money making” mindset. While it may not be appealing to have additional costs when hiring someone; most good recruitment companies ensure their payment is well deserved by going through each step of the hiring process carefully and successfully placing a candidate into the position. 

Yet, some organisations will end up speeding through the process or not giving enough attention to whether the candidates are best suited for the job. These organisations will not give clients the value for money they signed up for.

Those who see the work of a recruiter as simply pulling up some CVs may feel the cost is overpriced. Good recruitment companies work tirelessly to ensure the client gets their value. This means going through a multitude of CVs and interviews and giving each careful consideration before selecting the best talent for a particular role. 

Finally, they do all this work without payment until the position has been filled by the qualified candidate. Ultimately, all this work would entail a certain amount of cost. 

“Waste of Time” or “Ineffective”

Indeed, there are recruiters out there who may simply provide a client a bunch of CVs without even bothering to look through them. They may also start recruiting without having enough information about the vacancy or industry. Unfortunately, this means that they will not find the right candidate and truly end up wasting both the clients and the candidate’s time. By rushing the process or not asking the right questions, the recruiter will end up with candidates who are unhappy with their placement or jobs which will be filled then abandoned.  

Recruitment companies who are good at what they do ensure that they are experts in the industry and can provide additional value to the process. Good recruiters will know the industry well, be able to understand the job requirements and seek candidates who are ideal for the position. 

“Unreliable”, “Slow” or “Pushy”

Clients and candidates also face situations where they don’t hear back enough from recruiters or they end up being pushy so they may fill the position quickly. In some cases, sadly, some recruiters end up being rude when the client and candidate do not match up. These kinds of organisations are aiming to undermine the process so that they simply make a quick buck from the commission. This gives the industry a bad name as those with bad experiences end up losing trust in recruitment organisations.

While some recruiter’s express frustration at a client for having too many needs or being unable to respond to the loads of CVs and applications they receive, a good recruiter will let the client or candidate know if and when they can respond.   

Recruitment organisations with experience and wisdom will know that reliable and good communication flow will ensure trust. It will also result in having a steady talent pool from which they can provide clients selected candidates when positions open up. 

“Disappointing” or “Too confident”

One of the key skills in recruitment is managing expectations. Given that demands are high and it takes a good process to select ideal candidates, good matchups may take time or additional search. However, some recruitment organisations end up promising a quick fit to the perfect candidate or landing the ideal job right away. This will end up disappointing both clients and candidates. 

Ensuring the right candidates are selected means having a deeper knowledge of what the client expects and values. Then going through many candidates to find those that match up to the client’s needs. Letting the client know honestly how the search is going and how many ideal candidates there are is expected of a good recruitment organisation.

On the other side, finding a candidate the job they will love requires understanding their skills, passions, and goals. This would mean having their best interests at heart and patiently looking for openings that fit the candidates dreams and letting them know how it is going and how long it may take.  

Thankfully, not all recruitment organisations are bad!

Despite some scary truths and negative perceptions, most recruiters are simply hard-working people who are doing their best to help their client. 

At AJ Connect, we do our level best to ensure the companies we work with get value for their time and money, have reliable and consistent communication, and reach their recruitment goals effectively. We pride ourselves in establishing long term, first class relationships with our clients and effectively representing their brand.

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