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A warm welcome to our blog! In this article we wanted to address one of our frequently asked questions on how we get top talent for the businesses working with us. Here we will take you through our best strategies to attract candidates.

We will also share what you can do as a business to get an ideal candidate for the position you wish to fill. So, let’s jump right in! Here are our key ways to attract excellent talent.

Getting the needs of your business across

The first thing we do at AJ Connect is make sure we understand your business and your recruitment needs. We take the time to find out your services, core values and about the position you want to fill. We have experts in key business areas to work with you that have a deep understanding of your industry. This way we are able to craft compelling and meaningful messages on who you are and why top candidates should want to work with you.

For us, it is not just about filling a position but helping your business grow with qualified and dependable employees that believe in your vision and will be working with you long term. Understanding and putting out the right message about your business ensures that you find a candidate aligned with your mission, values, and culture.

Finding unique talent from the market

After we craft a compelling message, we then zero in on the places where we can find you unique top talent from the pool of active job seekers. We also leverage our resources and excellent networking to find you ideal candidates beyond active job seekers. We are proactive about our search and extend our reach to find top passive talent who are not easily found on the market.

There are many talented employees who are not actively applying to jobs but wanting to change jobs or find a better fit for their skills and passions. The advantage of passive talent is that they would accept the job because they choose to rather than needing to and thus will be more likely to stay longer with your business.

We go the extra mile to find you talent that you have not seen from other recruiters. Furthermore, you get a guarantee from us that we will not poach employees from your business as our aim is to get you top talent and be your go-to recruitment partner.

Applying advanced tools, expert knowledge, and assessments

At AJ Connect we implement advanced tools and expert knowledge around the clock to ensure the candidates we select are the best qualified and the right fit for your business. We go through each CV carefully followed by an assessment by our experts in the relevant fields.

We also undertake ongoing consultations with the businesses working with us during our assessments to ensure their recruitment needs are at the forefront of our hiring process.

What can you do as a business to attract top talent?

These days it is not easy to find an employee that is qualified, consistent, and reliable in the current job market that is saturated with job seekers who have limited skills, experience, and good character. So, it is important that businesses actively work on attracting high end candidates.

There is a lot businesses can do to get the best candidates on the market working for them. Some of these include building and promoting your brand, offering competitive salaries or benefits, having a good work life balance, fostering a positive workplace culture, providing the opportunity for professional growth through training or promotions and making employees feel valued and fulfilled in their work.

We can help you tease out the best parts of working in your business so that the top candidate you require and deserve will be excited to work with you.

We will get you the best!

We adapt each job search so that it is tailor made to suit the position your business requires to fill. We are constantly working to innovate and improve our candidate attraction strategy so that we find the best fit for your business and the person you employ.

As your trusted recruitment partner, we at AJ Connect make it our number one goal to get you the best unique talent on the market. We pride ourselves in building long term reliable relationships and aim to be your number one recruitment organisation helping your business thrive.

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