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Welcome back to our blog. Are you looking for recruitment agencies near you? In this blog we address what you should look for when searching for recruitment agencies in your area. Now that remote work and a global job market are more accessible, these tips will also support you in your search beyond your immediate geographical location.

Whether you are an SME business looking to hire or a candidate searching for a job; finding the right recruitment agency will save your time, effort, limited resources, and finances. So, what are the things you should look for? Search for a recruitment agency which is able to provide you with the following five important services.

1. Understand and meet your needs

While there are many recruitment agencies out there, it is crucial to find one that will spend the time and effort to first understand your business, core values, culture and hiring needs. If you are a candidate, you would equally need to find a recruiter who can see beyond your CV and understands your passions, drives and financial needs. 

It is good to see what kind of appointments they offer to see if they can meet your needs. This includes finding out if the recruitment agency you are looking at offers a temporary, permanent, contract or all of these services. Furthermore, you need to identify if you need a junior, senior or managerial level search to find a recruitment agency which can fill that position or secure that job level for you. 

Finally, you should be clear on your budget range and check that with the costs different recruitment agencies offer. Prices may differ based on the type of hiring search the agencies offer. 

2. Provide you with specialised insight 

Another aspect you should look for in the recruitment agency that you want to partner with is if they are able to provide you with specialised insight into the sector of the position you are trying to fill or the job you are trying to land. If the agency does not have experts with experience in the area, then they cannot deeply understand the market needs of that industry. This may lead them to provide you with a mismatched candidate and job. Different agencies have different specialisations and expertise which is worth looking at before hiring the agency that’s right for you.

3. Find qualified candidates fast

One of the key advantages to hiring a recruitment agency is that you cut down on your hiring or job search time. Thus, it is important to find out in how many days or weeks the agency can deliver you a qualified candidate. Moreover, your business needs might be different, you may require results fast or may be focused on a longer search. This is a key reason to find out the search options and timelines of the recruitment agency. Alongside cutting down your recruitment time, the agency should provide you with quality candidates that are up to handling the tasks of the job. If you are a candidate, the jobs they provide you should be in line with your interests. 

4. Apply unique marketing knowledge

It is good to look at the hiring strategies of the recruitment agency you want to hire and see if they apply unique marketing skills beyond job ads and CV searches. If the agency has a network where they can tap into then they can better find you the ideal candidate or good fit job. Additionally, it is good to see if they can go the extra mile and find you the talent you need in a market where it is not easy to find. It is an added advantage if they can find you passive talent that might be a great fit for your business and the candidate’s passion. 

5. Build a long-term partnership with you

A recruitment agency is more than a simple hire or job search. The people finding your next employee or your ideal job will impact your business and your life. Depending on the quality of the candidate or the fit for the job, this may affect the trajectory of success for the following months or years. This is why if you are going to select an agency, it should be one that aims to build a long-term partnership with you and become a partner in your hiring needs. This way you will avoid the recruitment agencies that are simply out to get their pay and move on.

At AJ Connect, we have your best interests at heart. We provide first-class partnerships and people-centred recruitment services. We value your business and work to find you a qualified candidate within 20 business days through our bespoke 6 step hiring process. Join us to discover a human and connected journey towards finding your right candidate or job in your path to success. 

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