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A warm welcome to our blog! While it is not always the case, most companies would prefer to fill a position quickly with a qualified candidate. Some prefer to spend additional time to find a specific expertise or fit.

However, as employment rates in the UK are growing, companies that have a slower recruiting process miss out on potentially good candidates in the job market. If you are a small or medium sized company, you would like to find someone capable quickly so you can keep your business going and growing. In this blog, we explore ways for you to speed up your hiring process.

Craft a great job description

In order to get the right person for the job as soon as possible is to make sure you craft a clear and sharp job description. This will let you filter the applicants that will not be a good match and ensure qualified candidates know exactly what you are looking for. Especially if you have someone else doing the hiring, a clear job description would go a long way in saving you time.

Be creative and decisive

In today’s world of easy access to technology and job postings, you need to be creative as you look for your ideal candidate. Be flexible in times and places of interviews so that you can find talent who are already working full time jobs or are not able to meet you around your office. If you wish to hire quickly then you will have to go through candidates quickly through knowing your requirements and deciding if that person can be a good fit or not.

Build an efficient hiring process

This includes being aware of the job market, building networks, knowing where to advertise to get talent and knowing how to best line up interviews in today’s pandemic world. Since you are not going to hire only once, it is important to start building and improving your hiring process. The key decision makers of your company should also be available during the hiring process so you can get feedback and follow up without taking weeks to get back to the candidates you have interviewed.

Have a roster of candidates

As you improve your hiring process, you will be able to keep a database of candidates. These could be people who were shortlisted for a position but were not selected or those who were a good fit but were not able to join because of personal reasons, pay or benefits. If the person you hired did not work out or you are adding more employees to similar positions then your roster can be an easy way to find qualified candidates who may still be available and interested to work with your company.

Hire a recruitment agency

Finally, if you are busy managing your business and are short of time but need to hire, then you can partner with a recruitment agency to help you achieve your goal. A recruitment agency will help you decide how quickly it is best to go about hiring the right person for your business. The recruiter will also already have a roaster of candidates to pull from for your immediate needs.

At AJ Connect, we handle recruitment needs from posting job ads to interviews and deliver a qualified candidate within 20 business days. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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