Want a career in tech? Here’s what you’ll need

Hello! Warm welcome to our blog. As demand for tech jobs increases by 42% since 2019, the UK tech labor market has rebounded from the effects of COVID-19. In this article we wanted to give you a brief guide on what you will need for a career in tech. 

Unlike what it may seem, you do not have to be a math guru or be in a big city to land a job in tech. You do not even particularly need a college degree. What you will need the most is the skill for learning, solving problems and adapting to new technologies. Here are a few things you will need to get started on your career in tech.

Have a passion for learning

Tech has been a field like no other that has transformed at lightning speed from the first personal computer in the 1970s to the current mobile smartphones that we can do literally anything on. As technology is continuously changing with innovation, if you are interested in tech you will need to have a passion for continued learning. Adapting your skills to new digital tools and hardware should be something you enjoy doing as you will likely be dealing with advances in tech throughout your career journey. 

Get comfortable with solving challenges

One of the essential skills in tech is problem solving. Technology is created primarily to solve problems people have in their personal and professional lives, business, education, agriculture, transportation and every other aspect of human life. At the same time, solutions to problems need to evolve and adapt to external changes. As a person working in tech you will be facing new challenges, past human error and working with artificial intelligence. 

Understand foundational tech knowledge

Once you have started your learning journey be it self learning or formal education, it would be of benefit to understand foundational knowledge within the tech category you are joining. Whether it is web development, software engineering, mobile application development, IT support, database management and alike, you will need a few base skills and knowledge to build upon. 

Practice, build a portfolio, get an internship

As always, learning comes into fruition through practice and application. It is important that you get past the stage of theory into implementing what you have learned even if you do not feel ready to do so. Building a portfolio of web apps or getting hands-on experience through an internship will help you solidify the skills you have learned.

Pick a specialisation and get additional trainings

Once you have started getting experience, you can apply to junior jobs that will lead you towards the specialisation that interests you or that you desire to build your career towards. Here you can take additional training or certifications so that you keep advancing from junior to mid level to senior in tech. 

Develop your communication skills

Soft skills such as communications, time management, teamwork and flexibility are sought after skills in the tech market. Learning how to work with your team and communicate requirements effectively will make you a great asset and help you grow in your work.

Be open to learning from others

Learning from others is one of the best ways of learning as people have different experiences that can help you see a problem from a different angle. You can gain insight into how to solve a new problem or why certain systems work the way they do by discussing with coworkers and seniors in the team.  

Share your knowledge and mentor others

Finally, as you continue to learn and grow yourself, it is a great attribute to try and teach others. This way you will see the gaps in your knowledge and also learn new things from those you share with. Mentoring those starting on a path similar to yourself will be a service to others and teach you leadership skills on how to support and manage junior team members.

If you found this blog helpful in your journey and would like additional support, please feel free to contact us and one of our industry experts will get in touch with you. AJ Connect is a first class recruitment agency working on digital and tech recruitment among other sectors to bring people to exciting opportunities. 

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