Top tech roles in demand and their salaries

A warm welcome back to our blog! As Scotland becomes a growing hub for tech and IT jobs, we wanted to share with you a salary guide for the top tech roles that are in demand. Data shows that tech jobs make up 30% of all advertised roles in Scotland’s two largest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

According to Adzuna, IT jobs make up 6 out of the 10 highest salary jobs in Scotland ranging from about £77,000 for Solutions Architects and about £63,000 for Python Developers. The other IT roles falling in between include Data Architect, Automation Engineer, Technical Architect and Network Engineer. These jobs fall higher than the average salary in Scotland which is about £30,500.

Software developer average salaries in Edinburgh now go up to £58,000, according to Adzuna. Salaries also go higher for senior positions, which are in increasing demand in Scotland’s tech industry. Senior roles take about 89% of available roles for IT System Architects.

  • IT System Architects from £37,000 for junior roles to £70,000 for senior roles
  • Developer roles go from £45,000 for junior roles up to £55,000 for senior ones

Edinburgh has the highest median digital tech salary in the UK tech industry at an average of £41,250, coming second only to London at an average of £55,000, according to the UK government. Keeping this in mind, here are the other top tech roles and their average salaries ranges in Scotland according to TechNation reports

  • Software Developer from £37,000 to £45,000
  • Data Scientist from £40,000 to £53,000
  • Front End Developer from £37,500 to £41,500
  • Full Stack Developer from £40,000 to £50,000
  • Infrastructure Engineer from £48,000 to £55,000
  • Business Analyst from £40,000 to £45,000


How best to provide your salary expectation 

Usually employers will ask candidates what their salary expectations are during the interview process. Here are four ways you can best provide an answer to this question according to Glassdoor;

  1. Research the position’s salary range. Check out similar job ads and salary guides to know the median salary for the position you are applying to in that location. 
  2. Calculate the expenses you may have. Take into account your work expenses including the equipment you will use, relocation or other work requirements. 
  3. Select a salary range instead of a single number. After considering your costs and desired income, place your number in a range and check if the position meets that range.
  4. Opt to learn more about the job. Before giving up a range of your salary options you can ask to learn more so that you know what is required from the position and what you need to meet its requirements. 
  5. Consider non monetary benefits. You can be flexible on your salary expectations if other benefits are offered by weighing how those benefits will support you in your work. 

As you communicate salary expectations make sure you avoid a specific number, a range that is beyond the industry average and being unprepared for this question. This will help you in not getting stuck in a salary that is below what you deserve or scaring away your potential employers because they think you expect too much. 

If you found this blog helpful and would like to learn more about Scotland’s Tech jobs, feel free to get in touch with us and one of our industry experts will support you in navigating your job search or recruitment needs. AJ Connect is a first class recruitment agency in the UK. 


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