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A warm welcome back to our blog. As businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, so has the job market. In this blog we explore the future of post pandemic recruitment and how it impacts employers and job seekers.

COVID-19 continues to impact the world as 44% of small businesses have had to cut jobs and 32% of businesses are replacing full time employees with contingent employees in order to save costs. While some are faring well amidst the pandemic, most businesses have had to adapt to measures by the government and changes in the job market. 

Now more than ever, businesses need to learn how to adapt to keep up with changing times. This is why we wanted to share with you key trends that are impacting post COVID-19 recruitment.


Virtual hiring and onboarding tech tools

Companies are increasingly undertaking virtual hiring given physical distancing requirements and increased reliance on tech solutions. This also helps speed up the hiring process and this trend is here to stay long term. Additionally businesses are increasingly using digital onboarding and work tools as many employees have had to work from afar.   

The way goals and milestones are set as well as evaluated have started to change. Businesses need to successfully hire and onboard a remote employee while informing them about the values and mission. Core work and deliverables have taken focus as more employees are working remotely. Businesses need to become increasingly able to implement digital tools for work, performance management. 


Remote work and focus on wellbeing

A study showed that 52% of a sample of employees are working from home while only 31% were working in person and 17% were not working at the moment. The study further showed that employees in the UK prefer a more hybrid working environment where they get to work remotely certain days of the week. 

There has also been a shift towards wellbeing as the pandemic has realigned priorities for many job seekers and employees. As people work from home they have more time to spend with their families, the ability to take care of personal issues and increased productivity. This has led to an increased attention towards the ability to work from home and health care support from employers. Thus it is important for companies to provide work from home options and increased well being benefits when they are looking to hire.


Diversity and inclusion

Along with COVID-19, diversity and inclusion have become a key factor for job seekers. As public awareness of the need for diversity increases, 76% of job seekers note that a diverse workforce is important to them in deciding where to work. 

With technology making the work environment and culture less human centered, your business needs to pay more attention towards showing you care for your employees. Having a recruitment strategy that is diversity and inclusion focused would support you in gaining talent and building your brand in the current and future job markets. 


Online branding and values

COVID-19 has shifted the attitudes towards work as more employees would like to change their line of work towards more valued or fulfilling work. Building and maintaining a business brand is a key way to attract qualified people who would be passionate about your work towards your company. 

Businesses are also becoming active on social issues that concern employees and job seekers. Establishing your presence as a business that pays attention to major social issues will be a key aspect of attracting modern day job seekers. 


Adaptable hiring strategy

From financial instability to climate change or a pandemic, global changes are increasingly impacting businesses around the world. It is important to keep your hiring and business strategy adaptable to change and ready to take on any challenges that are caused by COVID-19 and other issues.  

Want to learn more about how to traverse post COVID-19 recruitment? Get in touch with one of our experts at AJ Connect so we can give you more information on recruitment services that are in line with the changing times.

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