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Greetings to our blog! Today we wanted to tell you about the key advantages you have when working with us. If you are curious about what sets us apart from the many recruitment agencies out there, then this article will help you understand how we can be your go-to recruitment partner.

1. We ensure our focus is on your needs

As your partner, we ensure that we work extensively with you on your recruitment needs. We do the work to deeply understand your business and deliver the message of your brand accurately. This way we attract not only the top candidates but the ones that are a right fit for your company.

In order to give you the full attention and time you deserve, we only work with a certain number of same industry clients in one geographical area. This helps us devote our resources to finding you the ideal candidate instead of splitting our focus to many clients with similar needs.

2. We provide industry insight and expertise

Collectively we have over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Our team includes experts and consultants who have specialised knowledge in a wide range of industries. We have placed hundreds of candidates in different fields and worked with a variety of small and large scale businesses across the UK.

We also work closely with Direct Partners who provide young people with recruitment and quality training through modern apprenticeships. Our industry insight and unique source of talent sets us apart.

3. We use advanced technology and a unique hiring process

Our commitment to providing you an ideal candidate involves using first class technology and digital tools to provide smooth and effective delivery to our clients. Our team works around the clock to attract, assess, and secure top talent that will move your business forward.

Our unique hiring process is founded on 6 bespoke hiring steps we follow to find you qualified and effective candidates. We provide consultations with our client after shortlisted candidates undergo a thorough assessment by our experts.

4. We go the extra mile to find top talent

As it is not easy to find the right candidate in the current market of job seekers, we do the extra work to find talent that other recruiters have not shown you. There are many qualified employees who are not actively applying but looking for a better fit.

Through our extensive networks and database, we find candidates that are the right fit for your business’ requirements, culture, and values. Furthermore, we ensure the businesses working with us that we will not approach their employees for passive talent.

5. We provide a 12-month replacement guarantee

Unlike other recruitment agencies which mostly provide a 3-month rebate period, we extend our guarantee to one year. This means if the person we placed in your business leaves within 12 months or does not pass the probation period, we guarantee to find you a replacement for free. This is because we believe in providing you long lasting talent and becoming your trusted partner for your recruitment needs.

6. At AJ Connect, we care!

We pride ourselves in being a people centred, ethical and trustworthy recruitment consultancy for the clients and candidates working with us. We believe in our core values of being connected, working with integrity, ensuring accountability and being consultative with the businesses and job seekers who work with us. We care about the long-term success of your business.

As a recruitment consultancy with a heart, we strive to provide a win-win delivery where we find top talent for business and match candidates with their ideal job. Our key mission is building long term reliable relationships and being your trusted recruitment partner. We invite you to join us on this journey and we will be with you every step of the way!

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