Which technology is most in demand?

As we continue through 2022, still recovering from the economic and social effects of a global pandemic, it’s worth considering what technical skills are in high demand in Scotland and how readily talent is available to businesses.

According to Accenture’s ‘UK Tech Talent Tracker,’ Scotland’s tech sector is developing at a greater rate than the rest of the UK, with a 25 percent increase in job listings in the last six months compared to only 10 percent for the rest of the UK. Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland’s two major cities, have seen some of the fastest increases in new digital jobs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most in demand tech jobs and skills.

Blockchain Technology

Since last year, the need for Blockchain and cryptography skills in Scotland has increased by 125%.

Blockchain employment has begun to develop in the Scottish market, particularly among financial services organisations and consultants, as businesses become more aware of the need to preserve data, secure payment gateways, and protect against extra dangers such as cyber assaults and data leaks. We see no sign of this slowing down in the years to come.

Software Engineering 

Coders, developers, and programmers, continue to be  Scotland’s most in-demand job categories and have been for several years now. Adding highly-skilled software talent to a company’s team is a common challenge for hundreds of companies around the country, as they either build applications from the ground up or look to rework existing software. 

The software engineering community in Scotland is one of the most established, with a multitude of events, awards, hackathons, and other activities held by organisations such as ScotlandIS and DIGIT proving to be very popular social engagement mechanisms.


Individuals and businesses can utilise cloud computing to get access to data storage and processing capacity without having to handle it themselves. It allows businesses to save (or totally eliminate) traditional IT infrastructure expenditures while also improving the speed and performance of virtual applications.

Scotland’s cloud roles are at an all-time high. There are over 1200 Cloud Engineer jobs listed on LinkedIn in Edinburgh, with a further 2000 plus jobs listed with  different job titles such as ‘Site Reliability Engineer’ or ‘DevOps Engineer.’

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and machine learning (ML) are rapidly evolving, allowing businesses to better collect, process, and analyse data. Finance, oil and gas, engineering, and life sciences already have a significant concentration of data-rich businesses in Scotland. 

There is currently a government backed city region deal worth over £600 million led by Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University with the goal of propelling Scotland to become Europe’s leader in data-driven education, employment, and opportunity. Jobs in AI and machine learning increased by 84 percent year over year, with a wide range of companies striving for top talent in data, AI, and machine learning.

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