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A warm welcome to our blog! If you are a start-up or a small business hiring its core team then we wanted to share the following tips for you. It’s important to hire the right people because it could make or break your business. The first few employees are crucial to your business trajectory.

Big businesses can withstand the cost of replacing an employee after a bad hire, however, it can mean the end for many small businesses or start-ups that are operating with stretched resources. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you hire the right team for the start of your business journey.

Project your mission, vision, and brand

As a business that is starting up, your main selling point is your vision and core values. This is what will attract talented people to want to work with you despite your limited resources. If you advertise and brand who you are and what you do well, you will also draw people to your business who are passionate about the work you do.

This involves crafting an engaging job advertisement that clearly states the mission of your business. Your job ad should also include how working for the company is beneficial for the employee. One key benefit that attracts skilled people to start ups or small businesses is their ability to have input in shaping the direction and drive of your organization.

Hire with intention and purpose

It is important to know what kind of candidate you are looking for and who would be right for your business while implementing your hiring process. This means understanding the level of skill and qualification you need as well as judging what values, characteristics and personality would fit with your team.

Your business could be in need of someone who is able to multitask, flexible, eager to learn or entrepreneurial and self driven. The position you wish to fill may need a junior, senior or expert personnel. If your business is more customized than others, you may be providing onboarding training and thus will be looking for a person who has the ability and skill to learn new things.

Be creative with your offer

Being a small business or just starting out, it will be difficult to compete with big organizations on salary ranges to attract top talent. However, there are many things that draw candidates other than income level. Many talented workers would give up a pay increase for more flexible hours or a friendly work environment.

There are talented and smart people who value growth and learning as opposed to higher salaries where they can be mentored by knowledgeable small business owners. Opening remote work options for staff can also attract those who cannot commute to work in person. Offering stock options to candidates that you want on your core team will help in drawing them towards the future benefits of working with you.

Maintain realistic expectations

It is important to be honest and transparent from the get-go on what the company is able to provide the employee and possible realistic future prospects along with a timeline of expected milestones. This includes salary expectations, growth possibilities and stock or other benefits you may offer.

As a start-up, your main selling point would be your future vision. However, if you inflated the benefits in the eagerness of attracting talent, then you would risk losing disillusioned employees right at the time you ramp up your business. Instead, offering a balanced perspective on the benefits and limitations of working with you can give the employee trust and an honest basis to working with you.

Partner with a recruiting agency

As a small business or start up, you will have a lot on your plate. Partnering with the right recruitment agency can make a world of difference in the path towards growth for your business. With your hiring needs in the right hands, you can focus on building your customer base and fostering teamwork to deliver your services and products.

At AJ Connect, we can guide you through the priceless time of establishing your business and making it thrive. We build long lasting, first-class relationships with the businesses working with us and will provide you with our full heartfelt efforts in building the right team for the business of your dreams. Join us to start your journey today.

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