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How to speed up your hiring process?


With an ever-moving switch to a candidate driven market, the demand for talented candidates is and will always be significant. Top performers come and go in the blink of an eye, and the effectiveness of your hiring process could be the difference between getting your pick of the top candidates and struggling to fill important roles. An inefficient hiring procedure wastes time and money that may be better spent elsewhere.

  1. Create a comprehensive candidate profile.

Creating a clear candidate profile is the first step for any business. What does your ‘ideal fit’ entail?

All subsequent steps in the hiring process are built on the foundation of a well thought out candidate profile. Be sure to make your criteria clear, including everything from required experience, competencies to cultural fit.


If you find yourself struggling with a candidate profile, consider working with a professional recruiter, they can help you figure out what’s important vs. what’s good to have and point you in the correct direction based on their industry expertise.


  1. Qualify your CV’s


Because the CV is usually a candidate’s initial point of contact, make sure you qualify the CVs you get. This will allow you to devote your time and energy to interviewing only the most qualified people for the position you’re advertising, saving you time and resource at this stage of the process.


  1. Consider your interview options


If you want to accelerate your process, it could be time to consider various interview possibilities. With many potential candidates now working from home people are comfortable with doing interviews over the phone as well as using video platforms such as Teams and Zoom. Although you may feel face to face interviews give you a better chance to appraise a candidate, completing first stage interviews remotely will dramatically speed up your process and help ensure you are only allocating resource to meeting with the very best talent.


  1. Could you make a hire from within your company?


There’s no doubting that if you need to fill a position quickly, you might be able to employ internally. There is less resource involved, and you are already familiar with potential prospects. Hiring from within also highlights career progression within your company and can assist with staff retention.


  1. Referral programmes for employees are beneficial.


Employee referral programmes are always a fantastic incentive, and if someone believes they know someone who would be a good fit for the job, rewarding them means they are more likely to recommend them.


  1. Find a recruitment agency that can assist you.


Finding a recruitment specialist is a wonderful approach to speed up the hiring process if you have previously struggled to pre-qualify prospects or failed to have relevant individuals available for an interview. They can do all the legwork for you and provide you with a list of applicants who could be an ideal match, saving you time & money.

We hope that you found some value in today’s blog post. If you would like some free no obligation advice on your current hiring strategy, then get in touch today. We have our very own proven 6 step hiring strategy that never fails. Talk to us today





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