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A warm welcome back to our blog! Are you a candidate searching for a job and wondering if a recruitment agency can help you? If so, this is the blog for you. Today we go over how a recruiter can support you in your journey to find employment.

Although you can directly submit your application to different open positions, there are many advantages to submitting your CV and partnering with a recruiter. Here are some ways a recruitment agency can support you.

Find jobs that are not commonly found on the market. 

Recruiters are often given exclusive access to positions by a number of employers who partner with agencies so that they complete the hiring process for them. This means you probably cannot directly apply to those companies. Working with a recruiter would open up the job market for you. It will also extend your reach and save you time by having someone who will share your CV to multiple potential employers already on their database.

Guide you in your job search and interview process. 

It is great to have someone who can give you key advice on how to move forward. A recruiter can guide you and help you navigate through your job search. Good recruiters will be in tune with your passions and ways you want to set up your work arrangements. You can have insight into your application or coach you on how best to conduct an interview. Since every company is different, a recruiter can give you pointers on how to best present your skills and qualifications during an interview to the specific company you applied for.

Help you improve your CV, resume and cover letters.

Since recruiters usually get paid when they fill a position, making sure you land the job is important to them as it is to you. This means that they are willing to give you pointers on how to improve your CV and application materials in a way that will make you more appealing to employers. As recruiters view many CVs and application letters, they will have good pointers on how to stand out and elaborate on your best skills and experience.

Give you more flexibility and industry insight.

You will find more options of different work arrangements with a recruitment agency because they have a diverse set of open job positions. Whether you want full time work with benefits, remote work or a temp job, a recruiter will take into consideration your needs and requirements of work as they match you with potential opportunities. Furthermore, as recruitment agencies work in specific fields, you can find a recruiter that has knowledge and experience on the job you are trying to land.

Provide you with better opportunities if you wish to move forward. 

Having a recruiter support your career journey means that they help you transition towards the jobs you desire. If it is not working out at your current job, it means that you don’t have to quit and go back to square one. This way, you can let your recruiter know you want to move on and they will provide you with better opportunities without you having to be unemployed and do the search yourself.

Good recruitment agencies have your best interest at heart. 

At AJ Connect, we put people first and work hard to find what’s best for you. If you are a candidate, we will be with you on every step of your journey helping you land the job you are aiming for. We also continue to provide you with opportunities if you strive to improve and keep building your experience. Join us and start this journey in finding growth and success in your career.

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