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Hello! Today we wanted to address the questions we get about how we do our work or what you can expect when working with us. We will delve into the details of our services and what makes us unique from other recruitment agencies.

AJ Connect is a proudly Scottish recruitment consultancy that believes the best people make the biggest difference. We work for SMEs and public sector organisations in the UK who value investing in the right people.

We specialise across four key sectors, namely, Accounting & Finance, Construction, Property & Engineering, IT, Digital & Emerging Technologies, and Sales & Digital Marketing. We provide expertise in these areas to place a candidate that’s the best fit for the job.

The businesses working with us require highly skilled talent; people that they can depend on instead of those who keep moving on; employees that can handle the tasks with the business’ limited resources; affordable hiring to find the right candidates that helps them keep their businesses towards a trajectory of success.

How can you be sure we deliver?

In order to make sure we place an ideal candidate for the position we have developed a bespoke 6 step hiring process. This involves thorough steps to support our clients each step of the way.

Step one: Understand your business

Our first step is to clearly understand your business. It is a common problem that recruiters may skip this important step and end up misrepresenting employer’s values, needs and culture. Due to this, employers will not get the candidate that will be a valuable fit for their business.

Step two: Job qualification

The next step in our hiring process is to understand the job qualification. This means that we take the time to find out exactly what you expect from the candidate you wish to hire. While it is easy to find on the surface candidates for any job, what is challenging is finding those with the actual skills and experience required to undertake the tasks your business needs.

Step three: Proactive candidate attraction strategies

In order to find the right candidate in the sea of job seekers on the market, we have developed proactive candidate attraction strategies. This involves using our expert networks including attracting passive talent to ensure the most qualified candidate gets the job.

Step four: Professional assessment of candidates

Next, we employ our top professional assessment to evaluate the identified candidates’ abilities, skills, and experience. Our recruitment specialist in the concerned area will review carefully selected CVs and run the appropriate interviews measuring the qualification and skill set of the candidates.

Step five: Shortlist presentation and client interviews

Here we provide a shortlist of the top candidates from our rigorous assessment to the client. The client is informed of the best picks we have, and we hear feedback on our assessment of the candidates if they are in line with the client’s requirements.

Step Six: Job offer management

On this step we provide support and consulting for providing the top candidate a job offer and ensuring both the client and candidate are happy going forward. At this final stage we ensure the top selected candidate is secured and happy to begin his/her journey in contributing to the growth of your business.

What cost structure can best meet your needs?

We provide different cost options to align with your budget for both temporary and permanent recruitment. With temporary recruitment we place a contract worker for your short-term needs and payment will be made of their hourly rates per week.

In the case of permanent employment, we provide you with two options. One is exclusive recruitment where you pay after a candidate is successfully placed. The other is our assured delivery package where we run our extensive hiring process and additional candidate attraction strategies to provide you with an ideal candidate.

Finally, if a permanent employee leaves within 12 months or does not pass probation, we find you another candidate for free! To learn more about the payment structures read our blog What do recruitment agencies charge?

What makes us different and what can you expect working with us?

AJ Connect is a people-centred recruitment consultancy with a heart and your best interests in mind. Unlike many recruitment consultancies out there, we care about your business and take the upmost safe keeping of your trust in us.

We’re all about connecting people and opportunities together and take pride in doing so for our customers. Not only do we use top resources to match candidates and clients to their ideal positions, but we also care about the long-standing relationship built between AJ Connect and our clients.

Our highly capable staff operates on core values. We are connected to industry experts through fostering strong relationships, partnering and collaboration. We practice integrity in the way we treat clients with respect and provide them with honest, transparent & professional service.

We have accountability in taking ownership of our customer’s needs, delivering value-added results. We are consultative and happy to share our expertise, truly listen to our customers and deliver tailored solutions as a trusted recruitment partner.

At AJ connect we use first-class technology and client relationship management (CRM) systems to find the ideal match for both candidates and clients. We place a candidate in 20 business days and within our client’s budget. With us you get not just what you paid for but also a long-term reliable recruitment partner with the full-hearted goal of helping your business succeed.

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