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Welcome back to our blog! In this article, we review the best ways candidates can do great on their job interview and land the job. If you are a candidate wondering how best to conduct yourself during an upcoming interview, this is the blog for you.

Research shows that 55% of candidates were rejected for the way they dressed or acted and 47% for not knowing about the company. This means that the way you interact in your interview will truly impact whether you get the job even when you have skills and qualifications for the position. Here are seven key things you can do to have a great interview.

  1. Make a good first impression

Be it in person or online, your interview is probably your first encounter with your potential employers. It is important to dress well, make sure you are on time and show the interviewers that you take this opportunity seriously. No matter how well you meet the requirements, being professional in the interview shows that you will be professional on the job.

  1. Review your resume and skills

Know your selling points well by reviewing your resume, skillset and best character. As your interviewers will definitely ask you about yourself and your past work, it is important to go over your achievements and to list what challenges you overcame and how. This way, your answers will allow you to sell your best skills and character.

  1. Review the job description and requirements

Before going on the interview, read through the job description thoroughly and identify the key requirements. This will help you anticipate your interviewer’s concerns and match the requirements with your skillset. Understanding the job description will also help you identify what you may be unclear about so you can clarify the points during the interview.

  1. Research the company 

Learn about the company so that you can see what kind of teams and workflow they may have depending on how much information is available to you. You can view their website and social media pages to gauge the company brand and what is important to your potential employers. Showing that you have gone the extra mile to learn about the company informs your interviewers that you are interested and passionate about the job.

  1. Be positive and honest

Show that you feel excited and positive about the job. At the same time maintain honesty and do not embellish to impress interviewers. Accept there may be challenges but show that you have the character to overcome it. A positive energy will go a long way to giving a good impression even if you do not meet all the requirements. Honest self reflection will also ensure trust and let the interviewers know you can handle difficulty instead of avoiding it.

  1. Ask questions and show interest

As mentioned above, reviewing the job description will provide you with information on what you need to ask from your interviewers. Having questions shows your interest in the job and lets them know what is important for you. Whether it is to address work hours, flexibility, pay, culture or benefits, list your questions and have them on hand to ask during the interview.

  1. Be polite and respectful

Always be polite throughout the interview. This shows basic good character even if the interview is not going as well. If you do not get the job, the impression you leave may give you the opportunity to be considered for another opening. It is good to keep your answers short and let your interviewers know that you can elaborate further if they are curious about it. Finally, end the interview on a good note by thanking them for the interview and opportunity.

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