Are Apprenticeships the Answer to Scotland’s Digital & Tech Crisis?

Counting on a fixed supply of ready-skilled individuals to fill existing shortages is unrealistic, and it frequently amounts to nothing more than moving a finite pool of talents from one company to the next. Employers must hunt for solutions elsewhere.


Apprenticeships will play a critical role in this puzzle, bringing in fresh talent early in their careers and re-skilling current talent to give critical skills within a workforce that already knows the world of work. 


This includes assisting 16–19-year-olds who are leaving secondary or higher education in determining the best path for them in terms of education and employment. Even though Scottish higher education students do not have the same financial strain as their English counterparts due to tuition fees, university is far from free.


Apprenticeships have numerous advantages. Earning while learning has a clear appeal for individuals, particularly those who are unsure whether education is the best option for them.


Apprenticeships in technology and digital can help organisations of all sizes.


Apprenticeships boost productivity, help develop skills relevant to their organisation, and help improve the quality of products and services for firms who are already modifying employment strategies to target school leavers in order to help close the digital skills gap faster.


More school leavers must be informed about their alternatives when determining what to do with their lives following secondary or further education if they are to make the best decisions for themselves.


Greater visibility and access to apprenticeships would assist with the digital skills crisis while also aiding social mobility, allowing people with the greatest obstacles to higher education to obtain a degree without incurring the debt that comes with it.


So, how can we encourage young people to take up apprenticeships? The solution is better outreach and advocacy. Business, education, and government must work together to address this issue by better understanding and promoting the various apprenticeship alternatives available.


This is something that we must all take seriously. Only by addressing the shortage of talented digital and IT skills will Scottish businesses be able to build on their historic history of innovation and remain a beacon for the rest of the UK.

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