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About Us

Competition for talent, skill shortages and the ever-growing need for talent.

It’s not about a general ability to find talent or entice candidates, it’s about the specific capability to tap into the pipeline of people with the right skills, culture fit and experience to be successful in a particular organization.


It all comes down to one simple concept – knowing

Knowing where the organization aspires to be, the skills and behaviours required to get there, the culture, what success in each job looks like, where to source individuals who meet those requirements and how to build solid relationships with them.

This is where AJ Connect steps in.

More about us

Founded by industry experts Martyn Aitken and Steven Jackson we are more than just a recruitment agency, we are your trusted partners in Accountancy and Finance recruitment.

Our deep understanding of the sector, combined with a robust network of professionals, ensures that we deliver candidates who align perfectly with your business values, objectives, and growth aspirations.

With a footprint in both the UK and the USA, our expertise has a global reach, ensuring you access the world’s best talent.

What We Do

We are there for companies, we know that it can be extremely challenging to find the right person for a role. We truly listen to help you identify and attract the best talent so you can get the job done and take your company to the next level.

We are also there for candidates. We know that it can be exciting and daunting looking for a new job. At AJ Connect, you are not alone. We will walk the journey with you and support your career ambitions along the way.

Martyn Aitken


Martyn is a skilled and adept Recruitment Director who embarked on his journey with Hays in 2015. Beginning his career with a prominent international agency, he garnered a wealth of experience and success before transitioning to a smaller, boutique-style agency. Ultimately, he Co-founded AJ Connect with Steven, where he specialises in temporary and Contract recruitment within the Accountancy & Finance and Market.

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Steven Jackson


Steven possesses expertise in Accountancy and Finance as well as Marketing recruitment, with over 10 years of experience within the sector. He initiated his professional journey with Hays in London, subsequently relocating to his native Edinburgh. Steven is dedicated to developing strong client and candidate relationships. Coupled with an exemplary work ethic, he excels in connecting top- talent with clients in the SME market.

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