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A warm welcome back to our blog! Today we explore how best you can stand out as a candidate and better position yourself to land your dream job. The job application process can be a tedious and frustrating process for a candidate to go through. On average a recruiter takes 6 seconds to scan a CV, this is why it is crucial to stand out.

The job market is also becoming increasingly competitive, it is becoming difficult to stand out amidst the sea of CVs that are submitted to each position. However, it is important to give each application you submit an extra touch so you have a better chance of landing a job sooner. Here are 7 ways you can stand out as a candidate.

1. Do your research well

When applying to a job, find out as much as you can about the company, their work, teams and brand. Learn about the position you are applying for and what it takes to do the job. This will help you in preparing your application well specifically for the job you are applying for. Tailoring your application to the job and company can put you ahead as you will be closer to what the company is looking for.


2. Project your strength and past success

When writing out your application and resume, make sure to highlight your strengths. List your relevant experiences and expand briefly on them of how you tackled the work and any challenges and successes you had. Showing care in the preparation of your cv and resume puts you ahead of those who simply copy over a template and list out the bare minimum.


3. Make a great impression on your interview

If you reach the interview stage, it means your application already stood out. It’s a great start as only about 2% of job applications get to the interview stage. In this stage, you can stand out by being on time, polite, dressed well, having prepared and projecting unexaggerated confidence. Here you can make a big impact in how you stand out to both recruiters and your possible future bosses.


4. Support your application with sample work

Providing a link or attaching your sample work can give you a big boost in your application as recruiters and hiring managers can easily see the level of your skills and your ability to do the job. This way the person reviewing CVs can easily decide to put you ahead for an interview given your previous work.


5. Be positive and show your character

Your energy and attitude can go a long way in setting you apart from other applicants. Having a positive perspective will make recruiters and your future employers happy to work with you and show them that you can handle the job well. Instead of being formal, nervous and stiff, showing your character, smiling and having a can-do attitude will be sure to put you ahead of the candidate pool.


6. Show initiative and the desire to grow

As the world is continuously adapting to new technology and changing circumstances, companies are looking for employees with an ability to grow and expand their existing skill set. Showing that you have a growth driven mindset and that you take initiative in your work and development will impress your potential employers.


7. Follow up on your application and interviews

After submitting an application and completing your interviews, make sure to politely follow up on your application status. This may help you become familiar with the recruiters and show your engagement and interest in the job. Following up will also help you in case there was something you might have missed and give you the opportunity to fulfil any additional requirements.

If you would like to learn more about standing out as a candidate or crafting your resume, reach out to our experts at AJ Connect. We support candidates in building an application appropriate for the job they are going for. You can also submit your CV on our website.

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