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Hello! A warm welcome back to our blog. With 1.6 million people unemployed in the UK, competition is tough. In this article we go over some steps you can use to improve your job search and get a lead on the job you want to land. 

It is found that up to 4,000 people can apply to one job opening post-pandemic. Applying to an opening in the current job market means your application needs to stand out in order to make it to an interview. Here are some steps to help you improve your job search.


Research about the companies you apply to

Instead of applying to dozens of jobs at once after skimming the job descriptions, you will have a better chance if you research who you are applying to first. Getting to know the companies will show you what area they focus on, what kind of employees they look for, if you can fit well with the company culture, how they hire and if you see yourself working at that company long term. 


Customise your CV and cover letters

After doing your research, you can now tailor your CV for the particular area and application. It would be best if you had a few versions of your CV ready for slightly different expertise and sectors you may be targeting. A more customised resume and cover letter shows the recruiters that you put in more extra effort towards getting the job. This also allows you to let your personality shine. 


Submit a stellar application

Making sure you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s will help you avoid spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that lead your application to be thrown out automatically. Further to this, follow any instructions on how to structure your CV or cover letter that might be provided on the how to apply section. 


Sharpen your online profile

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile and brush up what you have not updated. Improve your professional summary and interests. Your online profile is a key way to advertise yourself, your expertise and your brand. Use your profile to showcase your achievements and focus on your strengths. Employers do use social media to do their hiring and look for talent on online platforms. Here are five top professional platforms you can be active on.

  • LinkedIn – allows you to build your professional CV and network
  • Twitter – helps you connect with like minded professionals on particular issues
  • Quora – enables you to show your expertise as you support others
  • Meetup – provides opportunities to attend professional events
  • Slack Groups – have networks of communities around a certain profession


Target and expand your network

Being active and connecting with people in your area will help you find opportunities beyond the job boards. After joining networks like those mentioned above or updating your profile, find people working in the sector and company you are interested in applying to. Asking them for advice and guidance can provide you with helpful tips that put you ahead of the pile of CVs applying for the same position. 


Have your interview answers ready

If you are job searching actively and purposefully, it is inevitable that you will land a few interviews. It will help your process if you prepare for some common interview questions that will give your interviewer a good impression about hiring you. Here are a few questions you can prepare for

  1. Tell me about yourself. This is where you can pre prepare points that shine who you are as a person and a professional. 
  2. Why do you think you are the best for this position? Here you should find a way to focus on your strengths.
  3. What challenges have you previously faced? This question helps you show how you handled difficulties in your past professional experience and present your problem solving skills. 
  4. What is your career goal? Here you can address how your professional goals align with your current application. 
  5. Can you show us some sample work? If you have previously done work in the area, have it on hand and ready to hand out so that your interviewer can easily have access.
  6. Do you have any questions? This is one question that is very common and provides you an opportunity to show your interest and clarify some points. Prepare some questions you may have about the job.

These are just some tips on improving your job search. If you would like more one to one advice, feel free to contact us so we can support you. AJ Connect is a first class recruitment consultancy that believes in long term partnerships with the people we work with.

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