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A warm welcome back to our blog! Have you wondered if you should invest your resources in building your brand? Today we address employer branding and the ways you can improve your brand as a business. So let us jump right in!


Why you should build your brand as an employer

Did you know that a good employer brand can reduce cost per hire by 50%? It is found that 75% of candidates are more likely to apply if your company has an active employer brand. It is not only about attracting talent but also retaining your best employees. 

Furthermore, 92% of employees would consider changing jobs if they have an opportunity with a company with a good employee brand. These findings tell us that employer branding matters in finding talent, the cost of hiring and in keeping talent. 


How to improve your employer brand

1. Establish an online presence

An increasing majority of young people (68% of Millennials, 54% of Gen-Xers, and 48% of Boomers) visit an employer’s social media sites to evaluate the employer’s brand. This is why having an active website and social media is crucial to your brand. Your online messaging is a key way to project your business values, core services and culture. By maintaining a presence you will be able to attract like minded individuals who will be your network for finding talent that fits with your work and team. 

2. Build your candidate persona

You can take the lead in messaging what kind of person you would like to work with you. Building a profile of the type of people that would be best for your business allows you to better target your audience and appeal to the best candidates for you. You can later use this in your job descriptions to make them relatable and easily identifiable by the right job applicant. 

3. Use storytelling and success stories

Visual and text stories are powerful in portraying who you are as a company. You can easily connect with different individuals using testimonials and success stories of your business. You can tell compelling stories about the way you do work, how your teams achieve objectives, how you handle obstacles and what a specific job looks like if you are hiring. This is a great opportunity to put a human touch to your brand by showing that there are real people and stories behind your business.

4. Take employee feedback

A majority (83%) of employees state that they appreciate feedback whether it is positive or negative in a recent study. Businesses that provide regular and constructive feedback will benefit from a good employer outlook. Employees working with little communication about their work will feel disengaged and unmotivated. The study further shows ¼ employees feel indifferent or do not know much about the company’s mission. This shows that effective two way communication needs to take place to have a positive employee employer relationship. 

5. Have a great hiring process 

It is key to keep working on your hiring process even when not actively hiring. Making sure that you improve your job postings, candidate review, interview process and selection methods. Frequently communicating and keeping job applicants updated on their process will give your employer brand a good boost. Improve and list out the benefits you provide employees that work with you. Engage with your employees on what benefits matter to them and adjust accordingly. Having a list of benefits that are relevant to your employees and potential candidates will provide you with good employer branding.

If you need further information and support with building your employer brand, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts, we are happy to help. AJ Connect provides high end recruitment services for small and medium businesses in the UK.

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