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Hello! A warm welcome to our blog. Today we wanted to guide you on how to make a job advert that will attract the qualified and talented candidates to apply for the position you want to advertise. With technology making it increasingly accessible to find jobs, securing highly talented people will require your job ad to stand out and get them to apply.

It is important not only for your job ad to attract a candidate but also to give the person you hire a good impression of your business. This is important in attracting candidates that will become long term employees if you choose them for the job. Here are 5 key tips to writing a great job ad.

  1. Writing directly to the applicant. 

When writing the job ad, target it at the reader. This will make the candidate feel more in touch with the content and more likely to relate to what you are looking for. Other than an appealing title, it helps to address the reader when pointing out how a possibly qualified candidate can be a part of your business.

  1. Go over the key points the candidate wants to know.

Be straight and to the point as you address each area that is relevant to the candidate’s decision about whether or not to apply to the jobs.

  • Introduction. This should be a brief but catchy description about the title of the job, your business location and expressing how this is an exciting opportunity for the candidate. Here you should further add the type of position it is, including details such as if it is full time, part time or remote.
  • Responsibilities. After an engaging description, writing short bullet points about the core responsibilities of the position will inform the candidate on what s/he will be doing.
  • Qualification. Here is where you outline the necessary qualifications or level of experience that you need from the person you will hire. These are the must have requirements that will help you filter through candidates you want and don’t.
  • Desired attributes. This is where you express what attributes you desire to see in the candidates. You can phrase these as qualities a candidate will normally aspire to have such as self-motivated, team player, creative, adaptive, and alike.
  • Team and culture. Express the kind of team and culture your company has built so that the candidate will know if they will be a good fit. Point out what is great about the teams working for you and how you support them.
  • Opportunities and benefits. Here is where you really get to shine and show why talented candidates should want to work for you. Point out the perks, opportunities to grow and specify what benefits you offer your employees.
  • How to apply. Finally, it is important to clearly express the steps to submit an application so the candidate can easily click the apply button. It is also good to leave a phone number for questions.
  1. Keep benefits and opportunities realistic

When stating what benefits you offer do not over state them so that your employee is not later disillusioned or feels duped. Realistic offers also attract candidates that are serious about the job rather than just the benefits or an illusion about the job.

  1. Outline work that will challenge the candidate 

The responsibilities section should be aimed at posing a challenge for potential candidates. This will attract candidates who are ambitious and up to the task of undertaking the job and also growing within the job.

  1. Have clear instructions and be open to questions

As mentioned above, the writing should be clear and to the point. Beyond this, placing ways that candidates can reach out to you for further information is necessary if candidates will have further questions. This ensures you receive feedback if your job ad does not have sufficient information.

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